Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort: Day 1, The Spa!!!

So, I’m here. Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort.   It has already been a blast!  I am just going to hit the highlights of what I did today.  It is going to be a whirlwind weekend but I am getting tons of info and tips and deal ideas so I will share them all with you as fast as I can!

First we had dinner in the barn by the pool.  Yum.


Then it was on to a tour of The Spa at Dollywood’s Dreammore Resort. It is everything you would expect Dolly’s spa to be. 🙂

The Spa at Dollywood's Dreammore Resort

It is Dolly sparkly yet warm and inviting. They have managed to create a five star spa experience steeped with Southern Hospitality. It is a place for mom or couples to relax but also a place that is about family and memories. So, THE HUSBAND and I could get a couples massage

or in a few year Baby Girl and I could get a pedi with a gorgeous view.
dollywood-pediHere’s a few tip for locals. You do not have to be staying at the resort to get spa services.  There is complimentary valet parking for spa guests.  Drive right up to the front door and the relaxation begins.  They can plan for groups or just one or two. Obviously the summer months are the busiest so book a few weeks ahead.

And did I mention the Swag Bags we got?!?!  Filled with Farmhouse Fresh (Like Oprah’s Favorite things Farmhouse Fresh) and skinauthority (like Golden Globes skinauthority) products!  These are the two product lines they use in the spa and Farmhouse Fresh is what is in your bathroom at the resort!


Tomorrow is Dollywood so I’ll be asking all your questions and sharing some great tips, ideas, deals and more!

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