Amazon Prime Members: Free Unlimited Access to Audible Channels (Regularly $4.95/Month)


So, THE HUSBAND is constantly listening to audio books.  He has tried to talk me into for months and finally I gave in. Here is the truth, they are fantastic, and they make me more productive. No joke. Instead of sitting down to find something on Netflix or getting sucked into the Pinterest vortex I put in my ear buds and listen to a book. Then I’m like, well I can’t just sit here… so I fold some laundry or do dishes or organize a closet. It is perfect for commutes or waiting in pick up lines.

Anyway if you’ve been thinking about jumping on the audio book bandwagon how about this great news- Amazon Prime members (Not a member? Sign up for a free 30-day trial here!) can enjoy unlimited FREE access to Audible Channels found within the Audible App for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices. With Channels you can listen to original audio series and handcrafted playlists, as well as a rotating selection of more than 50 audiobooks from Audible’s catalog!


Every day, Audible editors will create insightful and engaging playlists drawn from news, comedy shows, articles, talks and more plus new original programs will be introduced regularly. Amazon Prime members will be able to easily access these Channels by downloading the FREE Audible App on your mobile device, logging in with your Amazon account information and then clicking on the Channels tab.

If you’re not a Amazon Prime member, please note that Audible Channels is available to purchase for $4.95/month or is included with a  Full Audible membership. This seems like a great freebie for Amazon Prime members, so consider signing up if you haven’t already!

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