Kroger Ends Double Coupons & Senior Discount

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It is sad but true. All good things must end. The Knoxville/Nashville market was the last one holding on to double coupons at Kroger . The store announced today they will discontinue their double coupon policy and senior discount days  in all Kroger stores in the Nashville region, which includes 96 stores in Middle and East Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama effective March 15th.

According to Kroger spokeswoman Melissa Eads, “Only a very small of percent of our customers double coupons. And with the increase in digital coupons, not as many people use paper coupons any more. They are just so much easier and digital coupons have never been doubled.” Kroger spokeswoman said the store has lowered prices on thousands of items so everyone can save, not just seniors and coupon users.

Any customer comments to Kroger may be sent through Kroger’s website or by calling 1-800-576-4377.

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  1. John E. McCook says:

    I regret Kroger’s decision to end senior discount. Many of our seniors are on fixed incomes and will have to make hard choices regarding their purchases due to this decision. Fortunately, I have a choice where I shop and will certainly take Kroger’s callous decision to disrespect our seniors in deciding which vendor I will support. I will also make sure that all my family and friends are aware of Kroger’s action in this matter.
    Profits over senior loyalty is a bad decision for the long term.

  2. Pallas Powers says:

    Ok I guess this will’free’ me up to shop elsewhere. Senior discount day kept me coming back.

  3. I think Kroger is making a very poor decision. Not only hurting the seniors that shop there but also the families that coupon to save extra money. I will now look to other stores, such as Food City and/or Publix to shop at. Corporate america at its best, screw the hard working poor people just to put profits in their pockets.

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