katieandtheboysWelcome to and my name is…Katie.  I started CouponKatie because my friends kept asking me “You saved HOW MUCH!?!  How did you do that?”…and I thought I should share the information I have gathered over the past year with the hopes of helping folks stretch their grocery dollars and realize the savings that can be achieved through a little planning and a lot of coupon clipping.  I am a “never-have-a-moment-of-silence” stay-at-home mom of two and live in Knoxville, TN.  I started clipping coupons and researching ways to save money in early 2009 more or less because of a wager with THE HUSBAND.

The goal of this website is to simply inform you of the best deals here in the Knoxville, TN area and to help you develop your own Coupon Strategy.  Although I am here in Knoxville, most of the information posted here can be applied to your town.

Feel free to contact me at katie at couponkatie dot com or click here.

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