Ingles Best Deals of the Week 11/6/11

Here are the best deals I see at Ingles this week. If I missed on you see leave a comment and share.

To get the best deals at Ingles you need to have an Ingles Advantage Card. Also, remember Ingles doubles (3) coupons that are under $.50 or less for every $10 you spend.

Ricola Cough Drops-on sale Buy One Get One Free ($1.14 each)
-$1/1 coupon from the 10/30 SS insert
Final cost=$.14

Swanson Chicken Broth Cans-$.60
-$1/5 Swanson coupon from the 11/6 SS
Final cost=$0.40 each

Annie’s Organic Mac & Cheese-$1
-$.75/2 Annie’s printable coupon
Final cost=$.63 each

Campbell’s Cream of Chicken or Mushroom Soup-$.80
-$0.25/4 coupon from the 11/6 SS
Final cost=$0.67 each

Rhodes Warm-n-Serve Din­ner Rolls-$2
$1/1 Rhodes printable coupon
Final cost=$1

Ore-Ida Pota­toes-on sale Buy One Get One Free(Makes it $2.52 each)
$1/1 Ore-Ida printable coupon
Final cost=$1.52

Seneca Farms Oatmeal(2pk)-$2
$0.55/1 Seneca Farms printable coupon
Final cost=$1.45

Fiber One Granola Bars $2.50
-$0.40/1 coupon from the 10/2 General Mills insert
Final cost=$1.70

Crisco Cooking Oil (48 oz)- $2.88
-$.50/1 Crisco coupon from the 11/6 RP
Final cost=$1.88
Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes (28oz)-$1.78
$1/2 Muir Glen printable coupon
Final cost=$1.28

Pillsbury Rolls & Biscuits (4-12oz)-$1
-$0.30/2 coupon from 10/23 SS or $.40/2 printable coupon
Final cost=as low as $.60

Coffee-Mate Creamer-$1.67
$0.55/1 Nestle Coffee-mate Liquid or Powder
Final cost=$1.12

Ingles Best Deals of the Week 10/23/11

Here are the best deals I see at Ingles this week. There are several great Buy One Get One Free deals this week!  If I missed your favorite deals or you come across any unadvertised deals leave a comment and let me know.


Bar-S Meat Franks (16oz) Bun Length or Jumbo-on sale Buy One Get One Free $1.78 ($.89)

Harvest Farms Whole Chicken-$1.28 lb

Tyson Box Chicken-on sale Buy One Get One Free $3.68 ($1.84)

Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (small pack)-$1.98 lb

Barber Stuffed Chicken Breasts (10oz)- on sale Buy One Get One Free$4.98 ($2.49)
-$1/2 Barber Chicken printable coupon
Final cost=$2

Philly-Gourmet Turkey Burgers (32 oz)-on sale Buy One Get One Free – $7.98 ($3.99)

Philly Steak Beef Sandwich Steaks-on sale Buy One Get One Free $8.98 ($4.49)


Iceberg Lettuce-$.88 ea

Yellow Onions (3lb bag)-$1.78

Klondike Rose Potatoes (3lb bag)-$1.98

Florida Navel Oranges(4lb bag)-$2.50

Tangerines(3lb bag0-$2.50

Florida Grapefruit(5lb bag)-$2.98


Grocery Deals

Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner (32oz)-on sale Buy One Get One Free-$2.38 ($1.19)
$1/1 Mean Green Cleaning Product
Final cost=$.19

Laura Lynn Gravies or Seasonings-Buy One Get One Free-$.66 ($.33)

Duncan Hines Muffin Mix or Family Style Brownie Mix-on sale Buy One Get One Free-$2.68 ($1.34)
-$1 off Duncan Hines Whole Grain Muffin Mix from 9/25 SS
Final cost=$.34

Comet Cleanser-Buy One Get One Free ($.40)

McCormick Chili Seasonings-Buy One Get One Free $1.16 ($.58)

Nissin Big Cup of Noodles or Chow Mein Noodle Dinners-Buy One Get One Free-$.94 ($.47)

Jolly Time Popcorn-on sale Buy One Get One Free$2.18 ($1.09)
$.50/2 Jolly time printable
Final cost=$.49

Arizona Tea (23 oz) Buy One Get One Free $.98 ($.49)

Zatarain’s Rice-$1
$.50/2 Zatarain’s printable
Final cost=$.50 each

Laura Lynn Whole Wheat Pasta-Buy One Get One Free$1.48 ($.74)

Land O Sky Spices-Buy One Get One Free-$1.48 ($.74)

Totino’s Pizza Rolls (15 count)-$1
$0.40/2 Totino’s Rolls Snacks
Final cost=$.60 ea

Laura Lynn Tomatoes-$.60

Scotties Facial Tissue-Buy One Get One Free $1.28 ($.64)

So Delicious Coconut Milk (32oz)-on sale Buy One Get One Free $2.38 ($1.19)
$1 off So Delicious coconut milk 64 oz or (2) 32 oz printable
Final cost=$.69

Laura Lynn Pretzels-Buy One Get One Free $1.48 ($.74)

Betty Crocker Cookie Pouches-$1.75
-$.40/1 Betty Crocker printable coupon
Fianl cost=$.95

Laura Lynn Jumbo Biscuits (5ct)-$.98

Yoplait Fiber One, Regular, Light with Granola, or Splitz Yogurt, multipack-$2
-$.50/1 from the 9/11 SS or 75/1 Yoplait Light yogurt w/ granola from 10/02 SS
Final cost= as low as $1

McCormick Bag ‘N Seasoning-$1

Green Giant Specialty Corn-$1

Nestle Pure Life Water(6 pack)Buy One Get One Free -$2 ($1)

Land O Lakes Margarine Sticks (1lb)-on sale Buy One Get One Free $1.98 ($.99)

Laura Lynn Cereals-on sale Buy One Get One Free-$2.55 ($1.27)

College Inn Broth (32oz)-on sale Buy One Get One Free $2.78 ($1.39)

Santa Cruz Organic Applesauce (23 oz)-Buy One Get One Free-$2.98 ($1.49)

McCormick Grinders-$1.50

Laura Lynn Spring Fabric Softener Sheets (40 ct)-Buy One Get One Free-$3.08 ($1.54)

General Mills Big G Cereals-$2
-$1/2 General Mills Cheerios cereal from 9/25 SS
Final cost=$1.50

General Mills Milk and Cereal Bars-$2.50
-$50/1 Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams, Chex Mix or Milk ‘n Cereal bar treats from 9/11 SS
Final cost=$1.50

R.W. Knudsen Nutritional Juices (10.5oz) Buy One Get One Free -$3.28 ($1.64)

Ruffles Potato Chips-Buy One Get One Free $4.29 ($2.14)

Nabisco Nilla Wafers-Buy One Get One Free-$4.31 ($2.15)

Crystal Springs Spring Water (12 ct)-Buy One Get One Free- $4.68 ($2.34)

Comstock Pie Filling-Buy One Get One Free-$4.74 ($2.37)

McCormick Vanilla Extract (2oz)-Buy One Get One Free-$5.38 ($2.69)

Pompeian Olive Oil (16 oz)-on sale Buy One Get One Free-$7.98 ($3.99)
-$1/1 Pompeain printable coupon
Final cost=$2.99

Ingles Best Deals of the Week 10/2/11

Here are the best deals I see at Ingles for the week of 10/2/11.  If you have a favorites I missed leave a comment and share.


Tyson Split Chicken Breast-$0.98/lb

Oscar Mayer Meat Bologna (12 oz)-on sale Buy One Get One Free ($1.34)

Beef London Broil-$2.98/lb


Organic Cabbage-$.98/lb


Organic Baby Peeled Carrots (1 lb)-$1.50

Seedless Grapes-$1.58/lb

Green Giant Potatoes (5lb)-$1.98

Red Delicious Apples (5 lb bag)-$3.98

Other Deals

Campbell’s Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup-$.60
-$.40/2 coupon from 10/2 SS
Final cost=$.20 ea

Old El Paso Taco Shells-$1.25
-$.50/1 Old El Paso product from 9/18 SS
Final cost=$.25

Libby’s Vegetables-$.66
-$1/4 coupon from 8/28 RP
Final cost=$.41 ea

Laura Lynn Chili or Taco Seasonings-on sale Buy One Get One Free ($.33)

Gerber Graduates Meals-$1
$.55/1 Gerber Graduates Pasta Pick-Ups or Lil’ Meals printable
Final cost=$.44

Wholly Guacamole Dip-$2.50
$2/1 Wholly Guacamole printable
$1/1 Wholly Guacamole™ Wholly Salsa™ OR Wholly Queso™ product
Final cost=as low as $.50

RoTel Tomatoes-$1
$0.20/1 RO*TEL Zesty Tomato & Green Chili Sauce (if included)
Final cost = $0.60

Green Giants Pieces & Stems Mushrooms(4 oz)-Buy One Get One Free-$.63

Yoplait Kids Yogurt-$1.67
$.50/1 Yoplait printable coupon
Final cost=$.67

Huggies Wipes (64 count)-$1.78
-$.50/1 Huggies wipes coupons from 9/11 SS
Final cost=$.78

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce (18oz)-on sale Buy One Get One Free-$.99

Peter Pan Peanut Butter-$2
-$0.50/1 from the September issue of All You mag
Final cost=$1

Laura Lynn Singles, Bars or Shredded Cheese-$1.67

All Laundry Detergent-$3.88
-$1/1 coupon from 8/28 RP or 10/2 RP
Final cost=$2.88