Printing On-Line Coupons

I love On-Line Coupons!  They are constantly updated, out for the newest products and so easy to get.

I try to be frugal in all areas of of running a household, and here are a few tricks I do to save a little paper and ink.

1.  When printing,  select “draft” on your printer settings.

This just makes the colors a little less bold. I have never had a problem with a coupon scanning after using this setting.

2.  Once a coupon prints turn that sheet of paper over and reinsert it to print the next coupon.

By doing this, a coupon will be printed on each side and opposite ends of the paper.

3.  Sometimes large advertisements will print off after the coupon that you have chosen. I watch the coupon while it prints, if the entire coupon has printed I press cancel on my printer.

This avoids wasting a lot of ink to print out an ad that I do not need.

4.  I always save large scraps of paper.

They are great for lists (which I am a huge fan of) and for letting THE BOYS color on or cut up.  This also keeps them entertained while I finsih my coupon printing.